Clive Christian

Matchless, and elegantly confident.

Clive Christian creates the world’s finest perfumes – timeless classics, made without compromise.Using exquisite ingredients, with intense and complex formulations and the ultimate craftsmanship. Blending a royal British history with visionary flair to stand outside time. For highly expressive, uniquely personal perfumes of pure perfume pleasure- the ultimate form of self-expression.

In 1999, a visionary designer – Clive Christian OBE – acquired the storied Crown Perfumery Company, which dates back to 1872. Clive Christian’s iconic collections creatively blend the company’s history of perfume opulence with future-forward vision. Our heritage is embodied by our iconic crown, the rights to which were first granted to the Crown Perfumery Company by Queen Victoria herself in 1872. An image that still defines every bottle of Clive Christian perfume to this day, you can find Queen Victoria’s crown standing proudly as the cap of every perfume. This is a lasting memento of a token given in gratitude, celebrating a very special personal relationship with one of Britain’s greatest monarchs.

Clive Christian only create perfume of exceptional concentration. With a perfume oil inclusion of 20% or above in every bottle to ensure a long-lasting impression and immersive experience for the wearer. Our blends also carry a complexity unique to the world of perfumery. Anywhere between 120 and 300 different ingredients can be found in every Clive Christian perfume. This complexity creates a unique experience for each customer, creating a scent that evolves on the wearers skin for true self-expression. Only the finest ingredients are used, whether this is perfectly aged 50-year-old Indian Sandalwood, the most perfect damask rose, the rarest saffron or the latest ground breaking perfume technology.

With a richly nuanced portfolio blending creative classics such as our Original Collection with bold innovations from our Addictive Arts range Clive Christian is for those who appreciate true, timeless craft and rich, complex perfume.



UK, London